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Originally Posted by Some Guy From NY View Post
What exactly is wrong with your car?

Sorry if there have been threads detailing your issues that I'm not aware of.
Here is a list. There are a few more, but this is the main list.
1. Transmission noises, shift patterns and jerking. The dealer has attempted to repair these issues, but they still exist.
a. Transmission noises: During shifting from 1st to 2nd gear the car makes a growling noise that is accompanied by a shuttering type feeling.
b. Shift pattern: The car does not always shift down into a proper gear for the road conditions. If you slow down, but do not make a complete stop, the car will often fail to shift into the proper gear. It will then shutter and feel as if it might die. If you are on an incline the car will labor to accelerate.
c. Jerking: This occurs randomly while shifting. If you are accelerating half to full throttle, the car will “pop” into the next gear. This is accompanied by a surge forward as if the clutch on a manual transmission was let out abruptly.
d. Lazy shifts. The transmission is lazy when shifting gears. This is especially worrisome when entering a highway or crossing a busy intersection.
2. Steering “wobble”. The car will wobble left and right while traveling at highway speeds. The left and right movement as unsettling and at times appear to be dangerous. The car has veered several times far enough to put the tires on or over the lane limiting lines. The dealer has replaced some parts to correct this issue, but the issue is not solved.
3. Clock loses correct time after parking the car. Occasionally when first entering the car after it has sat, it will show the time that corresponds to the time the car was shut off last time. So if I parked the car at 10:50 pm, it will show 10:50 pm the next time I start the car. The clock must be manually reset to the proper time. The dealer has attempted to repair this problem, but it still exists.
4. Intelligent entry. Occasionally the intelligent entry does not unlock the doors when prompted. This requires the fob be used to gain entry. The dealer has attempted to repair this problem, but it still exists.
5. One touch locking. Occasionally the car does not lock when the sensor is touched. This requires the fob be used to secure the car. The dealer has attempted to repair this problem, but it still exists.
6. Front end noises. The car makes a “clunking” noise when driving over rough pavement. This is something new that was noticed on 05/02/2012. The dealer has not been informed yet of this. I will inform them on the next shop visit. See Below for information.
7. Stalling. The car will occasionally stall after backing out of the driveway and when it is put into drive from reverse. The car will “sputter” and appear as if it will die, but after 1-2 seconds it will drive as normal. The dealer has attempted to repair this problem, but it still exists.
8. Rain sensing wipers. The rain sensing wipers are not functioning enough to use them during rain. They will wipe 5-10 times in short succession and then not wipe while the windshield gets so much rain that it is creating streaks and running off from the wind. They appear to randomly wipe and not based on the amount of rain on the windshield. I have attempted to adjust the sensitivity setting, but this does not appear to fix the problem. The dealer is aware of this issue and has attempted to fix it, but the problem is still present.
9. Touch screen preset buttons. The preset buttons on the touch screen have gone blank. The information is still present, if you push a button it will change to the channel. However, you are not sure what channel is assigned to that button. So it appears only the information that is displayed is missed. This is a new issue that started the morning of 05/04/2012, the dealer is not aware of this issue yet.
10. Touch screen blacking out. The touch screen will occasionally go black. It appears as if an error occurred and the software is resetting. After 5-10 minutes the touch screen will be back to normal.
11. AC will show that it is on “LO” after restart, but it is not on “LO”. This happens when the car is parked and the AC is set to max. After a restart the AC is no longer on max, but continues to display “LO” both on the MTF screen and the AC controls.
12. The car will sometimes switch its audio or fail to resume the audio after hanging up from a phone call or on restart….tend to push to the usb drive.
13. Car wiped out usb drive and corrupted music files.
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