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Originally Posted by Strix View Post
It's been a while since I posted here, but I feel the need to ramble as well. I too, am quite frustrated.

I was happy with the way my DCT operated when I bought the car last year.

I even told my service advisor that I did not see what people were complaining about. I told her that I understood how it worked, and that certain behaviors were expected and that I was perfectly happy with it.

But I took the car in for a squeaking noise that turned out to be a dead leaf stuck in the AC compressor clutch, and while it was there, they flashed my transmission. Without asking. And after I told her that I was happy with it the way it was. (This was the first update, late last year.)

My car has never been the same, exhibiting many of the same symptoms you describe. The most annoying thing has to be that throaty bogging noise it makes instead of taking off.

It used to engage the clutch much like a manual transmission, with full engagement right off the line... now it seems like it's trying to be as smooth as possible, at the expense of performance. Instead of taking off, it makes throaty burbling noises while it slips the clutch to make sure you don't get a 'harsh' sensation, you know... like a clutch engaging.

It used to shift very quickly between gears, almost imperceptibly. It worked the way that a dual clutch transmission should: with continuous power delivery.

Now there is a noticeable gap in power delivery, especially on the 1-2 shift, but also on the 2-3. It is exactly the same sensation as a manual transmission... the clutch disengages and the throttle closes, the tranny is shifted, then the clutch re-engages as the throttle opens back up. It's still pretty smooth, but it used to feel more like the throttle was never closing, and one clutch was engaging as the other was releasing. Like how a DCT is supposed to work!!

I also noticed a small amount of shift flare after the first update, and it's still there after the second update. The 1-2 and 2-3 shifts are slightly improved, but are still utterly terrible compared to the way it worked when it left the factory. Clutch engagement on upshifts is a bit laggy, too... all in the name of 'smoothness' I guess.

It seems to me like Ford is trying to make the DCT seem more like a traditional torque convertor based slushbox to appease the whiny crybaby so-and-sos who weren't happy with it. Making people who were happy unhappy in the process.

I was never bothered by the roll-back. Or the 'harsh' shifts. Or the lack of 'creep'. Or the performance in stop-and-go traffic.

But now Ford has kowtowed to a bunch of whiners and ruined MY DCT to please them. And there's no going back. They can't/won't put it back the way it was when it was new.

And now it does something newly annoying... the hill start assist is so aggressive that it engages on extremely slight grades... and it's so stupid that it doesn't disengage automatically when 'park' is selected. I'm used to placing the car in park and gently releasing the brakes to allow the car to come to rest on the parking pawl. We're talking slight grades here. Steeper grades I don't rely on the pawl and make full use of the parking brake.

After the update, when I park the car and gently release the brakes, the stupid hill-assist function keeps the brakes fully engaged, and a couple seconds later releases them all at once, and the car moves several inches and lands quite harshly on the parking pawl.

And I'm not even going to go into the gory details of all the dealership hassles I went through to get this update applied. But the aggravation makes the new update all the more disappointing.

TL;DR: My DCT was fine and Ford ruined it by catering to a bunch of whiners and making it seem more like a 'traditional' automatic transmission. I want my original firmware back.
Sorry to hear you have the same problem. it does suck. i thought it was just me. you describe this issue perfectley. it used to be amazing how this thing shifted. so smooth you couldn't feel it or hear it. now your like come on, come on, there it is. Your right they took a sporty high performanc DCT and turned it into my mothers car. i feel like im driving my old 78 Pinto
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