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Originally Posted by crice8 View Post
I completely understand what you are saying I used to feel the same. But from a business perspective it is very smart. Why pay more for a product from one place when a product, sometimes of even better quality, can be had for a lesser price? It was not until I got to college that I came to realize business in modern day and time thrives due to these new opportunities. It actually is better for the American economy because those cheaper prices are, in most cases, passed on the the final consumer of a product which would not be able to afford it otherwise. From a bigger point of view it is not a bad thing at all. It comes down to people in the US stop increasing their knowledge as they grow older and work somewhere for a long time vs. other countries where people are constantly taking college courses etc. to further their knowledge and worth to a company. More Americans are starting to do this though which is leading to increased employment. Most of the Americans who are unemployed are actually to blame their selves because rather than pursing more they settle for welfare and blame the government and others for their inability to TRY.
Im only 20 years old and you see how I feel about this.
When American jobs are shipped overseas, like to China, American citizens lose their jobs. When they lose their jobs, many of them collect unemployment, which every American pays for in increased taxes. Further, when they lose their jobs, the unemployed many times have to rely on food stamps, which are paid for by, (you guessed it), all of us in the form of higher taxes. The unemployed also then have to rely on HEAP heating assistance in the winter, which again, (drum roll), is paid for by everyone in the form of higher taxes. The unemployed also need medical care and so then again, that cost is passed along to everyone else in the form of higher taxes. The snowball just continues to roll downhill picking up steam along the way and causing more and more destruction and suffering. American jobs being shipped overseas is extremely damaging to the entire country and every American citizen.

Further, China is a communist society. Therefore the workers there have no vested interest in manufacturing high quality products. They could care less if the product they manufacture breaks or not, as they still will have a job either way. This is why made in China products are so cheap, tend to break/malfunction comparatively quickly and cost more to use in the long run than a quality, made in America product would.

Further still, China is ruled by a tyrannical, dictatorial government. If Chinese citizens don't toe the line and swallow their governments propaganda hook, line and sinker, they are, "interviewed", and if they still don't snap out of it, (their natural desire and right to freedom), they then disappear. Human rights violations in China are rampant. Chinese workers many times will work for pennies per day. I, for one, will not support human rights abuses and if it all possible, I refuse to buy made in China products, or support companies that sell made in China products, such as Walmart.

Would you rather pay $10 for a product that didn't break and didn't need replacing, or would you rather pay $5 for the same product and have to replace it every year or two? The high priced, better quality product costs much less to purchase and use.

The unemployment rate is going down, yes, but do you know why? Because the powers-that-be no longer count the long-term unemployed as a part of the picture, thus, the unemployment rate is going down by the millions! Interesting how that shell game works, eh?

The economy in this country is on the verge of collapse and one of the large contributing factors to this very dangerous situation are American jobs being shipped overseas, i.e. made in China. Walmart? No thank you!
Sam Walton, (the founder of Walmart), has got to be rolling over in his grave!
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