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Here are all of the tips posted as of 3/9/2012:
  • Service/Test menu on driver's display: Holding trip/reset down while starting car shows the menu.
    Holding again for 5 seconds returns you to normal operation.
  • On SE models there is a line-in for MP3 players inside the glove box.
  • You can shift the DCT from Select Shift mode into Drive mode any time by simply pushing the shifter into Drive.
  • There is a key inside the IA remote.
  • On all trims above SE: All windows, when controlled from the driver’s side, have one-touch up and down functionality.
    SE trim only has driver’s window one-touch.
  • If the windshield wipers are on, the rear wiper will make one pass when the car is put into reverse.
  • Sync recognizes "I am warm" and "I am cold" when paired with the "climate control" command.
    What neat tricks and tips have you've found since owning?
  • Sync recognizes "I am hungry", and displays a list of restaurants on the screen.
  • The radio will remain on when you remove the key until you open a door.
  • There is an eco-mode on the drivers display that will reward you for driving economically. This mainly applies to standard transmission owners, but a limited version is available to DCT owners.
    When you're in the average MPG mode, hit the right arrow. If you get five leaves in all three (shifting, anticipation, and speed) you get a trophy!
  • If you have leather seats, and DO NOT have 18" wheels, the rear seats will fold flat. Just lift the lower cushion up and fold the seat back down.
  • If you have leather seats, there is a center armrest with cup holders for the passengers.
  • You can cancel warning notifications on the drivers display (like "door open") by pressing the OK button on the left 5-way control.
  • Automatic climate control's "Defroster Max" button. One touch access to all your favorite defrosting methods (i.e. front / rear defrosters, heated mirrors, maximum heat, maximum fan).
  • 2x press on the rear hatchback button on the key fob opens the rear hatch.
  • There are grab handles on the inside of the rear hatch to assist in closing the hatch. No need to touch the outside of the hatch to close it.
  • Key fobs can be programmed to unlock all of the doors:
    Hold down the lock and unlock buttons on the IE key fob for over four seconds.
  • If you leave your key inside the trunk, the trunk will pop open within a couple of seconds. It will not stay closed until you retrieve your key.
  • If you switch off your engine, you still have a few seconds to close the sunroof.
  • If you're talking on the phone and you enter the car, the callers voice will be transferred to the car's audio system. If you leave the car, the caller's voice will return to the headset.
  • The speed you set your cruise control is displayed on the driver's information screen. Canceling the cruise control will display the speed with a line through it.
  • Driving until you are almost out of fuel will result in nearby gas stations being displayed on the center screen.
  • There are warnings displayed if your hood or hatch is open.
  • There are some small storage areas under the mat that covers your spare tire.
  • Parking assist will park on the left if you turn on the left turn signal.
  • If you store a "home" location through Sync (not Nav) and say "Traffic to Home", it gives you the traffic along route even if you don't have Nav, and if you do, it's faster than setting a destination to home and having it scan for traffic.
  • There's a "shelf" in the glovebox for your owner manual package.
  • You may not hear audio from your system until everyone has their seatbelts on.
  • A short, light push on the turn signal will result in three turn signal flashes. No need to hold it down.
  • The windshield wipers will do a final "courtesy" wipe after using the windshield sprayer.
  • If you don't have active park assist, the infill panel used in place of those buttons is a great place to store frequently used cards (IDs, gate cards, etc.)
    What neat tricks and tips have you've found since owning?
  • The navigation system only gives the options of speaking directions, or tones/chimes only, but if you toggle the "mute" icon, it will be silent for good; unless some day you untoggle it.
  • There is a fuse puller on the underside of the fuse box cover.
  • You may be able to control your bluetooth connected media player with the steering wheel controls. (Next track, pause/play)
  • iOS 5 will display track info on the SYNC screen over bluetooth.
  • If you attempt to lock the doors while a door is ajar, the horn will sound twice.
  • If you use the auto headlight feature, but don't want your lights to stay on when you shut the car off (for whatever reason you may have), just turn the engine off then flip the key back to acc then back off real quick.
  • You can "roll" up the windows without the key in the ignition (there my be a time limit on this).
  • You can just twist the key to the start position and let go, the car cranks itself as much as it needs to start.
  • Push the windshield wiper stalk AWAY from you to spray the rear window.
  • There are rubber liners at the bottom of the cup holders and center arm rest. They can be removed for easy cleaning.
  • The sun visors have a strap on the lower center side corner of the visor. It is on the mirror side and can be used to hold a pass card or other small documents.
  • Watching movies on MFT screen is possible, as long as the car is in P (park) mode.
  • You can have multiple bluetooth connections going at the same time.
  • If you don't want the white interior lights to come on when you open the door:
    Open the door, and then hold the front-most map light button over the driver's head for about 5 seconds. The lights will blink for a quick instant, then not come on unless you turn them on. Repeat the process to turn the white lights back on.
  • With push-button start, if you push the start button without putting your foot on the brake, it goes into accessory mode.
  • With the car off, pressing the radio (system) power button will turn the radio on for a limited amount of time.
  • If you want to crank the engine without starting it, hold the accel pedal to the floor before turning the key to the start position (or pressing the start button).
  • You can use your foglights without your headlights by turning the headlight control dial to the running lights position.
  • Park your car with the steering wheel turned about a quarter of the way around. This will make it much easier to see the ignition key hole when you go to insert the key.
  • If the car is off, the headlamps can be activated manually by pulling the high beam/flash-to-pass lever toward you. The headlamps are deactivated after 30 seconds, or three minutes if any door is open.
  • How to list all MFT voice commands by voice, or touch:
  • MFT can be set up to read you the name of the person who is calling.
  • Speed up the SYNC system by removing the superfluous voice prompts:
    SYNC... (if you're not in the SYNC menu yet)
    Voice Settings...
    Interaction Mode Advanced
    (Note: This can also be set in the System menu)
  • The driver's information screen will display simple navigation hints and displays what side of the road your destination is on.
  • You can connect your Focus to other WiFi sources, like your home WiFi.
  • While using the "where am I" feature of the nav system the "current road" information gives you a constantly changing approximate street number.
  • If you press the max defroster button, you can return to your old setting by pressing it again, instead of manually dialing down the temperature.
  • Manual transmission owners: we all know about the up shift light. If you're in too high of a gear for your speed and you try to accelerate there's actually a down shift light.
  • With the automatic climate control the buttons directing airflow are independent of one another, rather than canceling each other out.
  • One-touch windows not working?
    -Hold button down until window is all the way down and keep holding the button down for 3 seconds then immediately continue with next step
    -Hold button up until window is closed and continue holding button up for 3 seconds
    - Problem should be solved.

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