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I might as well share, too:

This past summer, I was driving a mild backroad that runs between two major highways (SC6 and US21) near my house, going about 85 mph in a 45 zone. There is a volunteer fire station on this road that the county cops use as a place to relieve themselves or take a break. I have an uncle that was, at that time, a county cop, and I had become relatively accustomed to seeing my uncle stop there. On this particular day, a Thursday, as I zoomed by, I spotted a Lexington County car out front and saw an officer opening the car door to get in. In my haste, I assumed it was Michael and waved.
After rounding the next curve, however, I began truly processing what I had seen. I was no longer so sure that I had waved at my uncle - this man seemed to be a touch shorter, with much more hair. To be certain, I put the hammer down and ran that road faster than I ever had before, or, for that matter, have since. I quickly got onto the interstate and blended with the other traffic.
That night, after work, I went to stay at my girlfriend's for a few days and returned home the following Monday evening. On Tuesday morning, I cautiously drove the leg of the road preceding the fire station. Once I approached the fire station and saw no LCPD presence, I took off, feeling pretty safe. I had never seen Lexington County put a speed trap anywhere but that fire station.
Not even a full mile down the road, I rounded a curve and spotted the tell-tale tan and blue of two cruisers. Knowing that I had been successfully snared, I slowed and pulled off the road before the officer could even get his lights on.
"Good morning, officer."
"Good morning. License and registration, please."
"No problem. Just one second," I've been in this situation several times, and I usually find it best to be friendly, but not overly cordial.
"So, you were really moving the other morning. How fast were you going?"
"You know, I couldn't really tell you," A bold-faced lie - more like, 'I wouldn't dare tell you, because I know you didn't clock me.'
"You must have been going pretty darn fast. I tried to catch up to you, but I couldn't find you anywhere. SVT, too, huh? I knew they made the truck and the mustang, but I didn't know they made an SVT Focus."
"Most people don't. It's not very well advertised, and they're pretty uncommon."
"Well, I only clocked you doing 72 this morning, so I'll just run these and be right back with your citation...."

I don't know about where you all live, but in the great state of SC, 27mph over the limit is a 6 point violation with a $450 fine. Fortunately, my uncle spoke to the judge with my knowledge and the arresting officer, without my knowledge. When the court day came, I quietly awaited my turn.
My name was called and I approached the defendant's position. Corporal Fields promptly stopped the judge, before he could ask for plea and testimony, "Your honor, if it pleases the court, I'd like to drop this one to a 2 point violation."
The judge and I both gawked at Fields in amazement. The judge spoke first, "You're telling me that you want to drop a 6 point violation and a possible reckless driving charge to a 2 point violation?"
"Yes, your honor. This young man was one of my favorite stops ever."
The judge fixed his gaze on me, "You got any problem with that?"
"Huh-uh - I mean - um - no, sir. Er, no, your honor."
"Well, alright, $76 and 2 points. Do you have the money to pay today?"
"Yes, your honor."
"Pay the clerk of court on your way out, then."
I shook the nice officer's hand, paid the clerk, and damn near skipped out to my SVT, who I'm sure was waiting with baited breath to know if I was going to have to sell her for something more insurable. My uncle made it known to me afterward that Fields had called out a bolo after our first encounter and had basically hunted me from that Thursday until he caught me. As a result, there are some very strong misconceptions in the local police force and among my family regarding the capabilities of the SVT Focus.
And yes, I still have that citation tucked in my SVT manual.
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