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Originally Posted by Skippy905 View Post

First, I have been one of those in the past who did put HID's in stock reflectors. I took them out after about one month. I now have HID's in projectors. There is a difference in having them work properly (to give maximum illumination) and not cast light in all directions.

However, I am not going to continue this argument as it is obvious that those who want to put them in are just going to, and this argument is pointless.

Also, considering you claim to be ex-law enforcement, I am surprised that you are willing to put something illegal in your car. Most cops will never pull anyone over for that, but that doesn't make it legal.

Just like MysticblueBMW, I will no longer be commenting on this point as it falls on deaf (and stubborn) ears.
Wow...... and people always accused me of not playing well in the sand box. As one person has obviously waded in with 13 years in Patrol experience, I also will comment.

First of All I retired with just under 32 years in policing, starting in 3 District Traffic in Toronto then moving to BC and spending about 17 years in Patrol and Traffic and after 10 years undercover returning to what I know best, being traffic investigation.

I have had about 10-15 course in various accident investigation and I have given expert evidence and opinion evidence in the Supreme Court of Canada as to accident investigation. I am not only an expert witness but an active Accident analysis and instructor.

I very rarely if ever go against other Police Officer's opinions and refused to do so when called to in court. However after reading all the comments I couldn't resist to add my 2 cents worth, even though they might be golden pennies.

In short it is plain dangerous to put HID lights in a regular housing. There is no if's and's or but's, you are civilly responsible, and if in Canada criminally responsible if you do anything that you knew, or ought to have known, that directly or in-directly caused or contributed to an accident.

Regular Halogen lights are designed with their own internal reflector for a specific beam, in a specified housing. It is even possible to convert H-9's to work in H-11 housing but even doing this, is illegal.

There are specifications that are universal under the "DOT" which both Canada and the USA abide by, and trained investigators use these regulations usually during the aftermath of a serious accident.

If 2 vehicles end up in what used to be my "property scene", we as a group of accident analysts, and re-constructionists, dissect the entire car looking for all causes that contributed to the cause of the accident.

I am sure that you can guess what will happen if we find your illegal bulbs in the car if they are not approved, I'm not saying that you will be found at fault, but you will definitely be listed as a potential contributor of the accident.

Needless to say HID lights are for HID housings, my e-coupe has HID's and they automatically center and level each and every time the vehicle is started regardless whether or not they remain on afterwards.

As for police officers never ticketing people for them, I would dis-agree, in BC newly trained officers are being instructed on the law, and write the offence under the general "fail to comply with MVAct and MVRegs" $187 and you are on your way unless you have other items in which you leave on a tow truck and mandatory ordered inspection which is immediate or required within 30 days.

In BC we have our up and coming "wanna be gang members" who love all the Bling and Shine of chrome and wine. Needless to say they put 26" rims on vehicles dressed up with tinted windows, HID lights and various other things which clearly stand out to Police and say "stop me, I'm a somebody" needless to say this happens and they are often ticketed.

Now at night Police can't really see the windows, wheels, or exhaust system but those light really stick out and say "hey look at me I'm a somebody" and in BC they do get stopped and ticketed, sorry just a fact of life.

If the above logic doesn't convince you think about Ford restricting or cancelling the warranty on your new car, because although your HID's only draw 35-55 watts when running, they do consume upwards of 1800 watts for 3-15 milliseconds during initial startup, and unless the circuit is designed by Ford for this initial start up current, they are well within their right to cancel your warranty on anything electrical related.

One thing I learned in 32 years of Policing is that once people make up their minds is extremely hard if not impossible to change their minds, this even goes for Police Officers and thats why every so often we even see them in the news.

So in summary I have to really wonder if having the "bling" of HID's is really worth it, and as for those who would say it gives them better light, there are numerous alternatives as H11 SU/2 Silverstar Ultra's available.
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