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Originally Posted by pelotonracer2 View Post
Yeah, you're 26 and you're in the Navy... That's all I need to say about that!! Like I said, you were 8 years old when I graduated college and started my own engineering R&D company in the marine industry. There's definately alot of brainwashed (ie: close minded) and ignorant people on these boards! It's no wonder there's nothing "new" as far as these cars are concerned in the last 2-3 years! Everyone reads something here and thinks it's the "end all".

I work with and consult for some of the biggest automotive and marine companies in the world. I also work with, through and around patents and patent rights. I get paid to look at OEM parts ("one offs", racing parts and made out of alot of exotic materials) and I do ALOT of testing (using chassis and engine dynos, Stalker rader gun with acceleration software (STATS) which is the industry standard in the automotive/marine industries for performance data aquisition, flowbench and wind tunnel testing. I also find ways to implement technology in the marine industry that is used in other industries (my specialty is actually fluid dynamics).

This little car is nothing too advanced or fancy from a technology point of view compared to what I work with every single day at work... It's more like a little "toy" (and I will enjoy playing with it).

I only share my findings with you people because I'm an enthusiast just like yourselves. Perhaps I should just keep it to myself since no one takes the time to read my posts (or just read bits and pieces which would no doubt make very little sense to anyone). I haven't seen any real indepth discussion on any of the things I've touched on based on my searches. This forum is 98% 1 or 2 liners and that's about it. Bottom line is: I learned along time ago just because the vocal majority "says so" doesn't mean it is....

Perhaps if you READ what I had to say in the first place, you wouldn't ask dumb and redundant questions like:

"I'd like him to try the stock coil verse the aftermarket one to see what, if any difference there will be"

I already said the car wouldn't run smootly without the aftermarket coil with the plugs and "mod" I'm running.

Please explain to me how I can test my "mod" on a dyno without the benefit of the stronger/better spark when it won't idle and it misses with the stock coil and wires?? Isn't it the general consensus you can run a wider gap with the aftermarket coils???? I could care a less if the coil does anything by itself. I never said or implied I saw any gains with the coil by itself on the dyno (in fact I've never even attempted it).

I'm sorry you don't like reading my posts. Like I said before, if you think I'm so FOS then by all means stop reading and responding to my posts!
You obviously have no idea what a Nuke is in the Navy, nor do you know anything about the Navy, or else you wouldn't be assuming like you are. And woopidy doo dah on fluid dynamics.. I learned about that as well and I'm f'n electrician. So What makes me so inferior about being a Nuke in the Navy than anyone else, b/c that is what you're implying right? Did you know 99% of the Nuclear reactors in the entire US are being run by former Navy Nukes? Three Mile Island was saved by a ex-Navy nuke... It could have been much worse.

So how does a 21 yr old straight out of college afford to build his own business and actually have any worth customer base?

How do you know that the stock coil won't provide the voltage needed? Have you tried it? You have yet to say whether you have or not. In earlier posts you said you hadn't performed the mod yet, so have you? If not, how can you say yay or nay on whether you need an aftermarket coil or not. I have not had any misses or idling issues with the stock coil and aftermarket wires on my car. Couldn't that just be a tune related issue you have yet to resolve on your car. How do you know whether by upgrading the three major ground wires on this car whether that will help - people have noticed a major difference in the smoothness at which the engine runs. I think you're not understanding what I'm asking... And you're being as much of a douche as I was to you earlier. Resistance, Current, and Voltage.. is my shit, so please divulge what numbers you have to prove any gains...

General consensus is that we're already gapping the plugs and running the stock coil with just aftermarket wires with some minimal results... From what I have read / saw / experienced, changing to an aftermarket coil has not lead to increasing the distance of the gap compared to that of the gapping when using the stock coil.

Did I say in my last post that you were FOS?
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