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Originally posted by Auto0utcast
well, seeing as the guy driving the one svt was a DRIVING INSTRUCTOR for SKIP BARBER RACING SCHOOL... im thinking its not the driver. and the other svt was running HIGH 16's- LOW 17's at the same track i ran my mid 15's on.... im not afraid of a bolt on svt focus unless they "BOLT ON" a turbo or supercharger kit.

If someone is running high 16s and low 17s then they either shouldn't be racing or maybe they missed a shift? Skipping on a cyl or two? There is no excuse to have a SVTF running properly and in reasonable weather pulling high 16s to low 17s. That's pethetic.

FACT- Right off the floor a SVTF can run LOW 15 second passes. A few bolt ons will bring you into the high 14s. Your running mid 15s right? If that's the case then you would get trounced by a SVT with a few bolt-ons in the hands of a capable driver. And if that guy can get into the low 15 second range in a stock SVTF then he obviously doesn't know how to drag race.

This was originally posted by Half-Time on SVTPERFORMANCE...

How To: Low 15 second quarter mile in a stock SVTF...
Edit: I posted this because I keep seeing the avg 1/4 mile times for stock to lightly modded SVTF's running high 15s at best, low to mid 16s common. The SVTF is very capable of running mid to low 15s. In my SVTF, I ran a very consistant 15.2 at 92-94mph. 14.9s at 94-95mph with cai, udp, exhaust, & 65mm tb. Hopefully this information can be past on, so we can stop trying to figure it out for our selfs, and get an embarresing time slip in the process. We as SVT's have a name to live up to. Rock and Roll SVTP!

Tips on how to run a low 15 sec 1/4 mile in a STOCK SVTF.

1) If you have the Euro package, you have to pull the fues, #46, to turn traction control off all the way.

2) Do not heat up street tires. Street tires become almost gressy after a tipical burn out. Instead, simply "clean" them off. Stay out of the water, rev the eng to about 4k and pop the clutch. Let off the throttle after 3 or 4 revolutions of the tires.

3) Stage as far back as you can for your best E.T. Once the first light turns on, slowly roll forward and stop AS SOON AS the second stageing light turns on. If your racing heads up, Stage as far foward as you can. Roll though the lights, then back up, stop as soon as the second light tunrs on.

4) Rev to about 3700rpms. Tranny in first.

5) When the 3rd yellow turns on, pop the clutch and roll the throtle down quikly.

6) At 7100rpms power shift. Leave your foot planted to the floor, stab the clutch, all the way down, and let off as fast as you can, at the same time shifting as fast as you can, into the next gear.

7) Congradulations, with practice you can now run a low 15 sec 1/4 in your stock SVTF. Imagine what you can run modded...

-Spinning tires is bad. However, in a stock SVTF, a little bit of wheel spin will yeild a better E.T. then trying to flote or slip the clutch for the avg driver. You need to practice this. If you spin to much, lower your launch RPMs, if you bogg AT ALL raise them. Popping the clutch should get you a mid 2.1 60ft time once you get it right. With that said, with even more practice, a slipped clutch launch should get you a low 2.0 60 ft time.

-Street tires vrs Drag Radials or slicks. Do not do a smokey burn out on street tires, that'll cause you to lose traction. You only need them cleaned of debri picked up in the parking lot or stageing lanes. Do not lower PSI to much on street tires, if I run 35psi on the street, I'll run 27psi at the track. On DR's or Slicks, the more you heat'em up, the better. The lower the psi with out slowing you down on the op end, the better. To heat'emn up right, you need to engage the parking break fully, water the front tires or drive through the wet box. Rev it up to 4k and pop the clutch. Hold your RPMS at around 5500 - 6k. Once you see smoke on both sides, count to 5. One, two, three, four, five. Then disengage your parking brake, and let off the throtle 1/2 way. Let'em hook, then depress the clutch and let off the throtle. Do not "test" the tires. Properly heated DRs or slicks have their best grip ONCE after the burn out. A good launch on street tires for the stock SVTF is a low 2.0 60ft times. DRs and slicks, as low as 1.8s should be atainable.

-Why powershift at 7100 rpms when the red line is at 7250? Have you ever powershifted befor? If you hit the rev limiter during the shift, it will alomst defeat the pourpos of powershifting. Once you get it down, shift as high as you want with out hitting the limiter.

-All this take practice. Modify everything to yeild to your driving style and net you your fastest E.T. Things like Tire pressure, launch rpms, clutch usage, shift rpms. All this take practice to get dialed in. What I have typed up is just a good starting point for the novice.

-Good luck, be safe, and have a fuggin blast!

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